Easter Study – Day Two

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Hello and welcome to the second post that’s all about the Easter story! Today’s lesson is focusing on the second day of the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem. Again, if you need more information about this study and why I’m doing it please check out THIS first post about it. If you missed yesterday’s study you can find it here.

Let’s begin! Today we opened up our bible to Mathew 21:12-17. This passage tells us about the way Jesus reacted to seeing merchants selling doves and other goods inside the temple. My bible has this passage literally titled “Jesus Cleanses The Temple”.

Easterstudy4I actually really love this passage because we see a glimpse of Jesus as a man made of flesh and actually flipping tables to those disrespecting his father’s home. I don’t know why but it always stuck with me as a great showing of passion and just a small slip of the calmness he usually portrayed to righten those who dared to turn the temple into a marketplace. I think it’s a good reminder that our Lord God is a vengeful God and sometimes we humans need a firmer hand to see the errors of our ways and it’s good to respect that and fear the Lord just as much as we worship and sing his praises.

This might be a little too advanced of a concept to teach to younger ones so please feel free to adapt the passages and questions to the age you’re teaching to. My oldest was fine with the discussions, but my youngest just wanted to play so again, adapt this to your needs.

This isn’t meant to be a unit that’s graded or that they’re quizzed on, this is just a way to introduce a deeper understanding of the Easter story. It’s supposed to be fun so if your little one just doesn’t care about the discussion, skip it. Always do what works for you and your children.

Discussion Questions & Topics:

Why do you think Jesus got so upset at the merchants selling their goods inside the temple?

How do you think the merchants felt when Jesus rebuked them and then they watched him perform the miracles of healing the blind and lame? Do you think that caused any of them to seek the Lord? Have you ever felt embarrassed about something you did that wasn’t very Christ-like? If so, did you do anything to correct that action? It’s important to remember that even though we might do something that Jesus does not like or when we sin against God he still loves us. He still wants to live in our heart and take those sins away.

The children in the temple shouted his praise and sang out cheers of hosanna. The priests heard them and were very indignant or annoyed with the children’s shouts. Do you think Jesus got annoyed too? Why do you think that?

Jesus replied to the priests and spoke about the children. What do you think he meant when he said: “Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise’?

Can you think of another time Jesus showed how much he loved and respected children? (Check out Mark 10:13-16 Mathew 18:1-5Psalm 127:3-5

The Challenge: 

Today’s challenge is to invite a friend to church on Easter Sunday. If you don’t have a church that you regularly attend, your challenge could be to find one you plan to visit on Sunday or maybe your challenge could be to ask a friend if you could attend their Easter Sunday service.

The Craft:


This craft goes hand-in-hand with our challenge because we’re making cross suncatchers and displaying them in our windows. I talked with the girls about how this is an easy way to proclaim our faith and share a small bit of God’s message with anyone who might pass by our home. I found the craft on Faithful Little Hands and she gives a great tutorial and explanation on her website so be sure to check it out. Here are our finished pieces:



That will conclude the end of our second day of studies on the Holy Week. Again, please feel free to share your pictures, thoughts, ideas, and study questions or experiences here or on my Facebook page HERE or my Instagram HERE. Please be sure to join us tomorrow for day three in our study! Until the next time,





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